Learn Hand Reflexology with a Pioneering New System
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Hello. My name is Michael Keet author of the world wide bestselling book Hand Reflexology, and Principal of The Central London College of Reflexology.

I have recently package my 27 years of experience teaching and practicing Hand Reflexology, into a pioneering New Online Hand Reflexology course. 

This revolutionary tested system, will allow you to learn Hand Reflexology in the comfort of your own home. You can access the course on your laptop, tablet, PC or internet enabled mobile phone

I imagine you must be curious about what Hand Reflexology is & the benefits of Learning Hand Reflexology? Before I answer your question, let me tell you a bit about myself, to put you at ease that I am a person who knows his stuff when it comes to Hand Reflexology.

So who am I? 

  • I have a Degree in Podiatric Medcine
  • I have a Postgraduate Certifcate in Education
  • I have 27 Years experience teaching Hand Reflexology international
  • I am author of 200000 copy selling book “Hand Reflexology” translated into 12 Languages
  • I have many famous clients in the Film,music and entertainment industry including Sienna Miller & Jennifer Lopez
  • I was the England Football teams Reflexologist and Podiatrist

So now you now a bit about me, let me tell you what Hand Reflexology is.

“Hand Reflexology is the skill of stimulating specific points on the hand, that map to different parts of the body, to promote relaxation and general well-being”

So why should you learn how to do Hand Reflexology?

  • It promotes relaxation and well being
  • You can use it on yourself or friends and family to de-stress and relax
  • Could be a gateway for a career change, for you to become a reflexologist
  • If you are a qualifed bodywork therapist, and it to the treatments you already offer

We understand you might think it’s risky to spend your hard earned money and buy a course from a stranger online, that’s why we’re giving you a chance to try us first. You can access the FREE taster course right now, nothing to ship or download. Within minutes you’ll start your journey to learning, exactly what you need to know, to become proficient in Hand Reflexology, TODAY!


Michael Keet